Newbie but trying to be a goodie

(Mrs. Rachel Carpenter) #1

Hi everyone, I’m Rachel. Things to know about me: I’m a Christian, inquisitive, married happily, no kids, one dog, caretaker/ house wife, associate degree in biotech, ovarian cancer survivior of two years this Christmas Eve, PRAISE GOD ALMIGHTY! Learning to chrochet, Pokemon Go player, deeply interested in God and The Way. Contemplating learning Hebrew, but slowly. I live in Tennessee, U.S.A. Needing prayer always for my husband & myself. Specifically, should we move to Idaho? Struggling with how to best serve God and others. My Father-in-law & I highly respect and am thankful for Ravi and you all.


(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi Rachel, welcome! Wow, what a testimony - so glad you have survived cancer, coming up on two years! It sounds like you have a full life. Just a joy to welcome you here - may we encourage one another to maturity in Christ.

(SeanO) #3

Rachel, welcome to Connect! Praise the Lord for your recovery and your desire to grow in grace and knowledge of Him. May you grow in the grace and knowledge of Jesus through your time here on the forums and may God grant you wisdom as to whether or not to move to Idaho. He is the Good Shepherd!

(Kathleen) #4

Welcome to Connect, @tetra941! What part of TN are you from? I’m originally from Memphis but spent some years in Knoxville, have family in Chattanooga and wonderful friends in Nashville. Needless to say, even though I’m far away, it’s certainly home. :slight_smile:

(Askew Taabu) #5

From Nairobi, Kenya we say KARIBU Meaning welcome. Praise the Lord for the healing! Looking forward to learning from you as well.