Newbie Lisa

Hi guys

I’m Lisa from Brisbane, Australia. I’m here to learn and hopefully I can share some knowledge as well. I am thinking about signing up for the core module in Jan or Feb.



Welcome Lisa, I just posted the other day about how diverse this forum is with individuals from all over the world. I am in West virginia USA. It’s so good to have you here, enjoy the interaction and join in when you like
God bless


Hi, Lisa. Welcome :smiley: You are right here, because we can all learn something from each other. The Core
Module is really recommendable. I could learn a lot - and always discover something new when I listen to the lectures again. Hope you feel the same way!


Welcome aboard @CuriousLisa. It is really good to have you connecting with us. I eagerly encourage you to take the core module. You will not be disappointed. The foundations that you will develop and be able to rely on regarding origin, meaning, morality, and destiny will be solid. Until then, enjoy exploring and connecting with others who have prayer requests that you can help with. There so many good discussions regarding very timely topics. Enjoy. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello Lisa nice to meet you .

Happy to hear that you are interested in starting the core module. I am from Antigua in the Caribbean and recently finished the core module . I learned so much and it stretched my thinking and the grew the way that I evangelize. I pray that you will go for it and have a fruitful experience. Can begin browsing through the different topics here on Connect to get you started .

Grace and Peace :innocent:


Nice to meet you Lisa!


Hi @CuriousLisa, welcome. Love your username! I guess I should have come up with something more clever than “Sig.” :face_with_monocle: I can see from all the responses that you are being incouraged to dive in to the Core Module :slightly_smiling_face: You will be blessed by it. In the meantime, when you have the time and are able, please do feel free to engage here :pray:t3:

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