Next Book?

Do you have a start date for your next Cover to Cover book?


Thank you for posting this question, @Ter. I was wondering myself!


@Ter and @BloomHere, thanks so much for your question! Honestly we were starting to wonder the same thing ourselves as we fought through our schedules for this year, but I’m happy to say I come to you with good news. @Shawn_Hart and I are very glad to tell you that we are recording the first two episodes of Jesus Among Secular Gods – tomorrow!! That still means it’s going to take a little while before the episodes air, but they are on their way. Even better, there might be some cool between-season features coming as well. Watch this space, you guys will be the first to know!


A little photographic evidence that we really did start recording this week (with accidental lens flair for dramatic effect):


How fun! Thank you for the photo, and the update!