Nia Ankomah

(Niakoaa Anan-Ankomah) #1

Hi everyone!

I’m from Ghana and I’m joining Connect as an Academy Alum (yay!). I hope to learn and interact with you on different topics and questions. For me, the diversity of perspectives on God and theology does not always mean conflict but can reveal the many sides to a complex and mysterious God.

I’m excited to learn from you all!:grin:

(Brittany Bowman) #2

Welcome to Connect, Nia. :slightly_smiling_face: I love this thought,

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(Daniel) #3

Hello @niakoaa, welcome here :grinning: It fascinates me how many different people from all over the world you meet here. The other day I read the introduction of Daniel Anaba. He is also from Ghana :+1:

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(Anthony Costello ) #4


So glad God has brought you to Connect. I pray that your interactions here will deepen not only your knowledge but also your faith in our Lord Jesus.


(Daniel Anaba) #5

@iDan, This is Daniel from Ghana and I’m glad to see Nia Ankomah on this great platform. I have really learnt a lot from you and many others on this platform as well.

You are welcome @niakoaa