Hello I’m Nicholas from USA and I have started watching Ravi Zacharias ministries on YouTube. The thing that led me to join Connect is that I felt that his ministry is important for people that are struggling to find the real meaning in their lives. I hope to contribute by helping financially or answering questions to people who are lost in faith and in this world.


Welcome to Connect Nicholas! I’m glad you’ve joined and hope you are able to bless others as you join in conversations and in return are encouraged yourself. :blush:


Hi @nick123aba, its great to have you here, welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I couldn’t agree more with the importance of RZIM. It is a world changing ministry. I trust you will enjoy browsing through this forum. Feel fee to offer your thoughts and insight.
Merry Christmas!

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@nick123aba Nice to meet you!


Welcome Nicholas, so good to have you here with us in this fantastic community. Merry Christmas to you and yours may the Lord send His peace to all.

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Hello Mike from another Mike I assume its Michael like mine. I salute your sacrifice, thank you and have a blessed and joyous Christmas and New Year. Connect has been a great gift to me and much appreciated.