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Hello Ravi and family! I have shared these stories with the staff in the past but thought It appropriate to share again. I live in Maryland and was introduced to Ravi through the “Just Thinking” and “Let My People Think” radio broadcasts. What a blessing it has been to me, my family, and hundreds of our Sunday School students over the years. I attended a lecture in 2013 with Ravi, Vince V., and Nabeel Q. and was excitedly conversing with a nice woman seated nearby. “I have listened to and supported the ministry for years. I love Ravi,” I told her. “Me too,” she said, “I named my son after him.” Wow. Checkmate.
After hearing Ravi’s story about Dr. Francis Collins and the stained glass window/human DNA comparison (included in Ravi’s book The Grand Weaver) we have used that illustration in our Sunday School class each year. I ran into Dr. Collins a few years ago and added to that story. If you feel led, We love you!! #ThankYouRavi


Welcome to Connect, @JeanandNick_Guevara. Thank you very much for your message to Ravi. I couldn’t agree more: What a blessing his work is for many people! It’s great that you were able to attend a lecture with him.

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