Hello all; I’m Nikki from Portland, OR. I’m my pastor’s assistant; I’m Jewish and I write. I use logic in apologetics and have found such resonance with Ravi. I am looking forward to learning from this community, being inspired by others here, and coming together to edify our faith. As a new Christian I can share the huge gift of faith that our Lord gave me when He came to me on my deathbed less than two years ago and healed me of three fatal diseases while I thought Him completely fictional and hadn’t sought Him. I quoted Scripture the next morning having never read (nor heard) the Bible.

Where are you from?

What led you to join Connect?

How do you hope to contribute?


Welcome Nikki. Wow, what an overwhelming gift that our Lord has healed you and what a great testimony for our Almighty God. I would love to hear more from you and your experiences. If you want, you can share your story with us. Member testimonies
God bless you.


Hi Nikki! @Nikki_Naparst
So glad you’ve joined us!

I think I got chills reading your near death experience- amazing the way He came near to you in a very real way. Quoting Scripture having never read/heard it before?! I’m simply in awe- and love love hearing these stories.

Our God is so very capable of finding His children. So thankful you listened when He called :heart:

I hope you’ll enjoy getting to know this community- such a friendly and supportive global group.


Welcome! @Nikki_Naparst
Hope Portland is doing great for Christ? What an amazing testimony about your encounter with Christ. Glory to God.

We will love to hear more of your testimony and with joy receive your questions. Be free to explore, engage and enjoy the community.

Grace and Peace
From Nigeria


Wow! Thank you for such a powerful testimony. I see @iDan has given you the link to share more with us :slightly_smiling_face: Welcome :heart: I am with @HeidiMitchell, I got those same chills. I would love to hear more and especially like to know if you remember the Scripture you quoted? Our God is still a God of miracles :pray:



I quoted from Isaiah the next morning after Jesus healed me:

“Shout for joy, heavens! Rejoice, earth! Break forth into ringing shouts, O mountains! For (He) has comforted His people and has compassion on His afflicted.””

‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭49:13‬ ‭

There were other passages from Isaiah I quoted & wrote spontaneously then but I can’t recall all of them. Mainly I was writing “REJOICE! AWKAKE! ARISE! He has come to set us free!” I didn’t know I was talking about Jesus at that point yet. But I was compelled to write it-automatic writing I suppose- and post it. When God pours into your life as dramatically as He did mine, strange things happen. It’s supernatural. It’s only increased since then but now I know where I am so I’m not walking in a strange land anymore. I’m Home.


Look for my testimony:

Dying Jewish Atheist Meets King Of The Jews & Lives To Tell About Him

It’s a cut & paste from another site which asked me for it. Their audience is very different but it’s the testimony itself and not the crafting of our own words which best speaks because our testimony is The Word upon our lives. He writes our story and gives us testimony. We are His witnesses and His privileged living epistles.

Is yours posted?


Wow! Amen!

Ok, I will. Yes, mine is :slightly_smiling_face: