Hello all,

I am from Papua New Guinea (PNG) and I’m so happy to join this community.

I was watching the RZIM channel on YouTube and saw advert about Connect that made me think what a safe & great opportunity to grow and learn.

I hope to learn and contribute to the conversations & discussions on evangelism.


Welcome, @Ninning—I am so pleased that you found us here on Connect while watching RZIM videos. There is so much good content there…and now you have access to a whole community from around the world that is thinking about the same things you are! This is an exciting place to be challenged, think, grow, and be enriched as we together seek to deepen our faith and witness. What questions do you think are most pressing in your culture or community right now? Are there any questions that have been on your own mind lately? Really grateful to have your voice added to our discussions here, Ninning.


Welcome @Ninning, it’s so nice to meet you :slightly_smiling_face: I trust you will find connect a helpful place to learn and grow. There are so many profound conversations here. Feel free to engage, offering your thoughts and insight as well :pray:t3:


Welcome aboard @Ninning. So glad to have you joining us. This is a safe place to browse and discuss. I hope you find the connections a blessing and that your growth is impacted positively. God-bless your efforts and your time here.


So happy to have you here! One of my favorite things about Connect is just what you said, it is a safe and great environment to grow and learn. You will find there are some amazing and passionate people here. I am looking forward to interacting with you on the forums! Feel free to start asking questions or providing answers!