Hii everyone

I’m from INDIA

I was born in a Hindu family and I accepted Christ.I have few of my friends arguing with me about my faith.i want to be prepared to face any question they ask me.and that is why I have come here. Hope I get my queries cleared


Welcome aboard @Nithish. It is such a blessing to hear how you are now a child of God. The Lord will lead you to the right discussions and prepare you for the right responses. 1 Peter 3:15 and Colossians 4:5-6 will help guide those discussions. There are so many will read members here who care deeply about you and your faith journey. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @Nithish, welcome to connect. And welcome to your family in Christ :heart: I trust you will find much of what you need here to defend your faith. I pray the Lord will bless your desire to lead your friends to Christ :pray:
Here are just a couple of links to conversations that may interest you.

God bless :pray:


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Nice to meet you Nithish!


@Nithish, Welcome to Connect! Praising God for your bold step of faith in Christ. May you remain strong in your faith in Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit and may words be given to you by His Spirit as you engage with your friends, to ask the right questions and to discern the battles that you really need to tackle. May the love of Christ and love for truth keep you bold through every step. I too came to Christ from a Hindu background several years ago. So glad that you have joined the Connect community. I look forward to reading more of the questions that have come up in your conversations.


Hi @Nithish,

This is Shekhar from India, I was also born in Hindu family, and became a follower of Christ long ago.
RZIM courses and resources will strengthen your faith. And the knowledge of His Word and guidance of Holy Spirit will assist you as you navigate the complexity of culture and different faith.
Be kind and respectful. your patience and love can win your friends and family’s hearts!


Thank you so much

Welcome Nithish! I’m praying for you. I’m a Christian for a long time living in America. As others have said, trust the Holy Spirit to lead your words and direct your thoughts to your unbelieving neighbors.