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I have listened to Ravi and the other apologist at RZIM for the bulk of my Christian life. Your ministry helped strengthened my faith, restore my curiosity, and heal my psychological woes when I had a stroke at a young age. I don’t follow TV ministries at all. However, your ministry stands apart from many. Having no other agenda. but truth and salvation to those who are lost. Thank you, Ravi. Thanks to everyone @ RZIM. May the Lord give you strength and courage.


Welcome @Tony_Cucuzella. So glad you are here. Thank you for the kind words. Let us continue his legacy together saving many more souls. Look forward to chatting with you.

God Bless You.


Hi @Tony_Cucuzella welcome to Connect and thank you for sharing your comments of how Ravi helped your faith. I absolutely agree with you about the integrity of the RZIM ministry. I pray that you’ll continue to be blessed by RZIM. Feel free to contribute to discussions when you feel able. Blessings.

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