Hi Friends


Hi, @nongotosavi :wave:

Welcome to Connect :relaxed: We hope to strike some conversations with you in your next posts. Feel free to ask or join in the discussion on any topic you are interested with.

May this forum be a blessing for you!


Welcome to the RZIM Community @nongotosavi!

Glad to have you here! As @DCGotiza stated, please dive in and explore the already existing threads in your journey for deeper truth and insight in Who God is and what His ways are; or begin your own thread with thoughts or questions as you feel prompted. FYI, some of my personal favorite categories here are #bible-questions, #daily-evangelism, and #christian-growth.:+1:

Diligently learn, faithfully grow, and lovingly share❤️
Philippians 1:9-11


Hi nongoto!

Hello! Glad you are here. I love the support and wisdom to be absorbed here. I am always glad to see more contributors!!

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Hello friend welcome to connect, I am Mike from West Virginia been with connect for a while, and a Christian for 29 years. My 66 years have been a Rollercoaster but this community has been a blessing it is so kind loving and respectful there are many great people to share your Q&A with so we can all grow together. Love in Christ and peace in these troubling days to you.