(Brian Corbett) #1

Hi everyone.

Having followed RZIM for many years now I am relieved to see Ravi’s ministry inherited by competent young individuals who may see it survive his retirement. It has been frustrating in sharing my enthusiasm for RSIM and Christ with fellow Canadians who have been subjected to anti-Christian sentiment and policy throughout our institutions including the education system, CBC and most recently an ideological Liberal federal government. Mostly I am made to appear foolish, ignorant or even dangerous when trying to discuss the most basic truths portrayed in the Scriptures. Ravi’s talks, most of which I have heard, along with John Lennox, Vince and Jo Vitale have helped to encourage me with sound reasons for faith however I feel my testimonies usually fall on intransigent minds. My wife and I pray that the way we live in Christ will be evidence of the substance in our words but we may never witness evidence in our lifetime of that hope.

I ask that others pray for our misguided country, Canada, which is surely on a misguided and treacherous trajectory into an irrational or even tyrannical state.

Thank you all.

(Martha ) #2

I will pray. I am sorry to say the US is going in the same direction. I know that most of my family members, friends, and fellow church members would not understand my biblical views. I grew up in a liberal household and discovered the truth of scripture only in the past five years. I have changed from a humanistic world view to a God centered understanding of the truth.

(Billie Corbett) #3

Hello Brian,

The content of your post is an accurate representation of what many Canadians are experiencing. It’s definitely a crossroads…Canadian believers need to learn to take more responsibility to pray for God’s sovereign, merciful intervention in our country and it’s leadership.
It brings to mind, the biblical reference of King David seeing the Angel with a raised sword of destruction …what was David’s response?
Canadian believers need to repent of their insular approach to faith…and pray for Canada. Abraham petitioned the Lord for Lot…
We need to petition that the righteous are not to be swept away by our country’s wickedness.
Believers are called to be a praying people…