Nse Jane - Karen

Hi from the Northeast.
Born and raised here…

I first heard of Ravi in the late 90's-2000. Introduced by my fiance - via cassette recordings (!) (Georgia Tech). Apologetics is ultimately mind stretching to me! Husband and I are avid followers & glad to have attended various forums at universities & online. 

I was lead to Connect through a Connect business card I received in the fall.

I am an encourager. I hope to be part of the dialogue, in Jesus' name.

Hi Karen,
Welcome. I remember having to wait for cassette tapes to arrive in the mail in order to take the next step in my growth journey, as well. I love that I can now tap a couple of buttons and have the latest message downloaded in seconds.
Being an encourager is a needed gift. I know often in my own life, I as God for someone to be that encouragement to me to keep me moving forward. So, please use your gift often both here and in your local church body. You may be the person that encourages someone to act on what God has called them to do.


Hi @NseJane, welcome to connect. Ahhhh, cassette tapes, I do remember them well :slightly_smiling_face: It’s wonderful to have you here and we can certainly use an encouragement! I trust you will find this a friendly, warm environment to exercise your gifts in. Enjoy browsing the conversations and encourage away!


Hi Karen! @NseJane
So glad you’ve joined us :relaxed:

Aw, we love those cassette tape memories! My kids were recently puzzled by the little door that opened in front of our CD player :smile: I made so many mix tapes of music!

And yes, we had to be patient and wait for information/resources in those days. - As Daren @Daren mentioned:

So true!! I too often take for granted the great teaching and wisdom I can know at any point of any day.

Wow- truth that technology can be a great thing :wink:

Anyways! Karen- I hope you’ll enjoy looking around and exploring all Connect has to offer. Such a wealth of help and support here- as we all journey on towards deep truth and faith in our lives.