NT Wright and 2018 Gifford Lectures: Intellectual Growth and Apologetics

(Anthony Costello ) #1

How do we grow intellectually and how does our intellectual growth develop our apologetics and evangelism? One way is to listen to amazing intellectuals!

N.T. Wright delivered this years 2018 Gifford Lectures on Natural Theology and “WOW” this is serious, heavyweight thought on history, philosophy, biblical theology, and ultimately Jesus. I highly recommend watching through this series of 8 lectures as a means to deep intellectual growth and academic humility. These lectures represents a brilliant mind, and faithful believer, at the very pinnacle of his career. Definitely something to be treasured. Enjoy!


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(Jimmy Sellers) #2

I am a fan of NT Wright, I have read a number of his books and taken/taking some of his udemy courses. I will have to steal some time for this one. I did listen to the intro and to think he is speak at the same place as Schweitzer, Bultmann and Barth must have been over the moon. Thanks for the link.

(Anthony Costello ) #3


Jimmy, yes, he is speaking at the Gifford lectures, which go back to the late 19th century. They have always been conceived as lectures on Natural Theology, so Wright is one of only 4 Biblical Scholars to have actually given them. The others were Schweitzer and Bultmann (listen to lecture 2, where Wright talks extensively about both men) and James Barr (who was an OT scholar.)

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