I believe I am correct if I say they are the Cushites,meaning they are descendants of Ham after the flood.
A notable son of Cush is Nimrod,the first great warrior on Earth(1Chronicles 1vs10).Nimrod is said to have built Nineveh a great city at the time plus many other cities.A great hunter,he was.
Nubians were said to be very prosperous then…plenty of fine gold,grain and livestock.Its also said they were fierce warriors and that some kings would solicit for their help during war times.Their women were renowned for being beautiful and sought after by kings.
They ruled Egypt on and off.
Did they go into oblivion because they migrated southwards when desertification invaded the land of Cush?Are these Cushites not the descendants of the Bantu?

Hi @Alexander_Marozhe , Interesting Question though am not quite sure I understand it properly.
The Cushitic tribes still occupy most of northern Africa and the horn of Africa including Ethiopia, Algeria, Libya, Eritrea, Sudan, Egypt and parts of Somali or somali land . There are also the Nilotic tribes occupying Tanzania,Uganda and parts of Kenya. These Cushitic / Nilotic peoples are most likely the ancient Nubians.
Debate is still open on where the Bantu originated from but can be traced back to Central/West Africa by virtue of similarity in language and/or dialect. They are said to have migrated south and eastwards and ending up in Southern Africa and parts of East Africa.
The ones that ended up at the East African coast mixed with the Arabic traders which resulted in islands like the sultanate of Zanzibar and perhaps Madagascar.

To your question; Cush being the son of Ham would then probably make the Bantu descendants of Cush and not the other way round, unless of course Bantus are not at all the descendants of Ham but of one of the other of Noah’s sons?
Disclaimer The above info is mostly what I remember of high school history and not from any extensive research.
It would be interesting to hear other opinions on this.
Thanks and God bless!

After the flood,the Earth was re-populated by Noah and his sons.It is documented that the land of Cush was situated in Sudan and headquartered at Meroe along the Nile.
There is no history of people originating from Central West Africa.A Zimbabwean can easily understand Swahili spoken in Tanzania and Kenya.
Bantu migration is understood to have originated from North of the Absynia mountains going Southwards along the East coast of Africa down to South Africa and later turned Northwards along the West coast.
I am saying,the Bantu migration was/is the Nubian/Cushite migration.Their ancestor Ham son of Noah.