Objection! "Jesus May Not Have Actually Died"

In this week’s podcast, Abdu Murray makes powerful objections to the claim that Jesus didn’t rise from the dead, because he never actually died. Instead, some say he “swooned” so that it seemed like he was dead but he was actually entombed alive. In this episode, Abdu looks at how expert medical testimony along with Christian and non-Christian sources offer the strongest evidence to the death of Christ by crucifixion.

What objections to Jesus’ death and resurrection have you encountered?

How do Abdu’s evidences for centuries of Christian belief give more weight to your faith in the Good News of Jesus Christ?


Most objections that I’ve faced with the death & resurrection of Jesus is that people don’t think they need a Savior.

The points Abdu makes in this episodes is a subject that I am very familiar with. However, his point at the end was excellent and that is, why would we have good news about a fake and really a coward if He could not bear to go through with it Himself but had someone else take His place?

Abdu is an excellent lawyer. Can I get his card? He does fantastic job and I feel so fortunate to hear his thorough job.Thanks for making it available to us, April.


I know what you mean,Tim. Without truly knowing the Person of Christ we cannot fully know ourselves. So it becomes a struggle to get past being sufficient in our own goodness.
I’m glad you’re enjoying the podcasts! Abdu is very good at bringing these topics to us! I really enjoy his perspective as a former Muslim also. I am learning a lot from him.


April, aren’t you glad that we know Jesus?!?!

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