Objection! "The Disciples Probably Hallucinated Seeing the Raised Jesus"

In this week’s podcast Abdu Murray puts another explanation some skeptics claim to the test.

Could the disciples have experienced a mass hallucination that Jesus rose from the dead instead of actually seeing the risen Jesus?

You join the jury as the explanation is evaluated employing the same rules as to the admissibility of expert testimony.

How does Abdu’s objections to this claim encourage you to take a fresh look at this and other skeptical claims you’ve heard?

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@BloomHere This is a great series. I have listened to each episode so far. (Thank you, @Abdu_Murray!)

This objection to the authenticity of the eyewitness testimony has never impressed me. I appreciate @Abdu_Murray’s citation of Bergeron & Habermas (2015). This very helpfully lists specific, expert views rebutting the hallucination hypothesis. It is also a useful short resource to which I can refer people who do not want to wade through a couple hundreds of pages to find the relevant points.


Bergeron, J. W. & Habermas, G. R. (2015). “The Resurrection of Jesus: A Clinical Review of Psychiatric Hypotheses for the Biblical Story of Easter” Irish Theological Quarterly, 80(2), pp. 157-172. Retrieved from https://garyhabermas.com/articles/irish-theological-quarterly/Habermas_ITQ-2015-Bergeron.pdf

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Thank you for the resource @blbossard! It’s so handy to have the link especially from anything Habermas!

I agree with your assessment of the claims. This mass hallucination hypothesis is such a reach in my opinion. As much as it seems like we keep talking about the same things over the years (I heard this hallucination hypothesis for the first time over 20 years ago) it’s necessary because skeptics keep bringing up the same claims to new generations.

This reminded me of John Lennox’s book Gunning For God where he discusses the ways ideologies, agendas, policies, etc. are sometimes endorsed by big names with no real specialty in that particular area of discipline. He references politicians name throwing Nobel prize winners who endorse a particular policy outside of their area of specialty. But it looks good to see Nobel prize winners on the endorsement list!

Would I go to a heart specialist to get information or help for an issue with my foot?

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Or a Hollywood actor! Point taken. Unfortunately many people who have not thought through these things much tend to be dazzled by expensive pieces of paper and do not look at what those pieces of paoer actually say!

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Thank you!.. As a law graduate myself I can really appreciate this