Objective vs subjective morality

Not so much a question but more on how to explain the difference between the two when talking to atheists.

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@Ron_Dallas I think it really depends on the beliefs of the person you are talking to… For example, an atheist could hold to:

  1. Nihilism - ultimately there is no meaning
  2. Utilitarianism - we can identify some objective morality based on the common good
  3. Don’t Care ism - it really doesn’t matter - just do your best to live a good life and leave others alone

The one I’ve encountered most often among thoughtful atheists is some form of utilitarianism. I think you have to show someone that utilitarianism is really just rule by the majority, which can easily lead to injustice against the poor / powerless / marginalized. In addition, the definition of ‘good’ is relative—what one person says is good might actually be bad for someone else.

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