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I’ve had different answers to this question. Are women pastors Biblical? Please help me with this as I’ve been told never to attend a church that has a woman lead pastor as it is unbiblical. Thank you and God bless!

Dan P


@DanP I found’s response to this question (first link below) to be very well thought out and informative. Also included a few additional threads on the topic.

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@SeanO Thanks.
Dear @DanP ,
good question and its really chasing me also with confusion.
I gone few articles and video preaching but still both viws are there.
Some links might helps…


Hi, I completely agree with you that both views seem to be well represented. I guess as believers we just need to pray that God will give us the gift of discernment in this matter. Thank you and God bless you!

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@DanP One other thing to consider is that if we believe the Bible provides room for both views, then do you think it would be reasonable to honor the authority of the leaders in the Church context we find ourselves in? We do not necessarily need to have ‘the answer’ because it is a secondary doctrine. We can hold our own belief and also honor those with whom we disagree. If we choose to serve in a Church context that allows women to be leaders, we honor them. If are in a Church context where they believe men are to lead in the Church, then we honor their views as well.

Levels of Doctrine

Not all doctrine is equally important. Some beliefs are at the very center of our Christian faith and to deny them is to deny Christ. Other beliefs are important to how we practice our faith and are therefore the cause of disagreement between many denominations, but these beliefs do not place us outside of Christ. Still other doctrines, such as eschatology, are difficult even for very learned and godly people to understand clearly and are therefore a matter of opinion.

The below article offers a fuller explanation of levels of doctrine and gives a helpful summary list of 4 levels of doctrine.

  1. absolutes define the core beliefs of the Christian faith;
  2. convictions , while not core beliefs, may have significant impact on the health and effectiveness of the church;
  3. opinions are less-clear issues that generally are not worth dividing over; and
  4. questions are currently unsettled issues.

Where an issue falls within these categories should be determined by weighing the cumulative force of at least seven considerations:

  1. biblical clarity;
  2. relevance to the character of God;
  3. relevance to the essence of the gospel;
  4. biblical frequency and significance (how often in Scripture it is taught, and what weight Scripture places upon it);
  5. effect on other doctrines;
  6. consensus among Christians (past and present); and
  7. effect on personal and church life.
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Dear @DanP,
Amen and thank you

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I think it is perfectly reasonable to honor those, whether woman or man, who are teaching or preaching the word of God. Like you said, this is not an essential Doctrine to the life of a believer, and it should not be reason to divide any of us in the body of Christ. Unfortunately, which is the reason why I brought this question up in the first place, this has been a dividing issue with many Christians and I believe it never should be.


Great question, @DanP !

I was raised this way (believing only men could be pastors), as well… my mom feels verrrry strongly about this. She recently left a church she loved because they hired a woman pastor. :confused:

In this past year, I’ve begun to dig deeper into scripture to try to understand for myself, and I’m beginning to see why women as pastors may actually be Biblical.

Looks like @SeanO posted some great resources, which I will also read…

Thanks for asking the question!