“Old” people of the bible

(Hein) #1

I was thinking about all the ancient people of the bible. Adam(sin starter) Moses (murderer, redeemer), Abraham (also murderer and father of nations and friend of GOD) and many others like David(murderer, adulterer). My head is in the heavenly realm at this moment, thinking about them. I wonder what their roles and position might be now in heaven. I know from reading the bible that there is a hierarchy. Note… I have no doubt in my mind that they are all with God. Is that the right way of thinking about it?God is sovereign!! Would Adam be the last as he was most probably first to go back to God? Thinking of Jesus words here. He who would be first will be last. My mind as you can see is all over the place.

(Kathleen) #2

Hi, @Hein! Fascinating question, and I’d love to ask for clarification… Where in the Bible do you particularly see reference to hierarchy in the new heavens & earth? :blush:

(Hein) #3

Not in the new but the old. Seraphim, archangel,angel …etc.

(Hein) #4

Also humans a little lower than the angels

(Kathleen) #5

Hmm, I confess that I’ve never given much thought to what (if anything) is going on in heaven right now and what it’s like there as, I guess, it’s mostly speculation. (I’m not against speculation by any means; I love a bit of creative, imaginative work!) I know that, at present, humans and angels have different roles they fulfil on earth, but is there a hierarchy as such in heaven now? I am inclined to think not, because that indicates that there are some who are above others in status and authority, and I don’t know what the point of that would be. Is hierarchy needed in heaven? And, if yes, what would it even mean to be last? Where is one last?

But maybe I’m being unimaginative! Others have thoughts?

(SeanO) #6

@Hein I do not think there is any way to know the heavenly realm in this kind of detail from our earthly perspective. Also, ‘the last shall be first’ does not have anything to do with a hierarchy - it simply means that all those who choose to follow Jesus will have the priceless gift of eternal life. See the following thread for more details on ‘the last shall be first’.