Oleg Xu

Say hello…
Greetings, grace and peace of Christ to you all,
Where are you from?
I live in Houston, Texas, but born and raised in Kazakhstan, USSR
What led you to join Connect?
I am a regular listener/reader of RZIM, saw this Connect in one of the emails and decided to join
How do you hope to contribute?
I am writing a dissertation on what how to equip believers in my home church/context in effective evangelism. If my research and experience can be of benefit, it would be an honor.


Welcome aboard @Oleg. What an exciting project that must be. Would love to read about your endeavor and ideas. I am sure many here will benefit from your research and care… Thank you for joining connect and coming alongside us. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi @Oleg, welcome to connect. Please feel free to share with us. We glean from one another so I trust your insight would be a blessing :pray:t3: I hope to read more from you as you engage here in this community :slightly_smiling_face:


Hello, Oleg, and welcome to Connect! It’s wonderful to hear of your hunger to reach your family and friends in Kazakhstan and of your studies to also help others in that important mission. It sounds like you bring a really interesting perspective here, and I hope you will jump into answering questions here on the forum. :smiley:


Hello, Oleg! Welcome to connect! I’m excited about what you say about evangelism. I prepare an evangelism course, and I believe that learning from you will help me.


@elpoderdetuamor.revival Thanks, Susan.
I wrote a 4 session training workshop, about 1.15 hr each.
1st - Prayer and Theology of Evangelism
2nd - Care and Undestanding the Person
3rd - Share and Presenting a Faithful Gospel message
4th - Understanding and Tackling Doubts/Questions

Key is giving the learners an opportunity to role-play during the training session. And taking the learner to a witnessing encounter and creating an opprortunity/platform where they can practice these 4 essential skills to personal witnessing


So great to have you join us Oleg @Oleg
Yes! you can be of great help and blessing here. Evangelism is key to the great commission and you will do well to share your thoughts with us.

So proud you join us. And I look forward to learn from you also.
More Grace