I am from Quezon City, Philippines

I came here because I would like to extend my message to Ravi and to his Family.

I hope I could be a partner on RZIM here I. The Philippines.

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Hello @Oliver_Ramos! We extend a warm welcome to you from this Connect community. Thank you for introducing yourself.

We are grateful for your regards to Ravi and his family at this time. If you have not already done so and would like to, you are welcome to share your tribute on #ThankYouRavi We would love to know how his life has impacted yours.

There are many different avenues of interest within this online Connect community. Whether it is questions about faith, science, evangelism or needing some understanding about your own journey, my personal experience has been that the people and resources to be found here are extremely helpful.

May the Lord encourage you and we hope to get to know you better!

Grace and peace,
Mary Beth

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Welcome aboard @Oliver_Ramos. It is great that you are willing to come alongside us and partner from Philippines. Please take a moment to encourage another member or answer a question if you are so led. Thank you for joining us. God-bless you and your journey.