On apostle St. Paul and the Resurrection!

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Please help!

I have two questions:

1.I saw one person in u-tube demonstrating that St. Paul was a false apostle through Lection 33:1-2…

Is there any historical evidences that St. Paul was a false apostle in Lection 33:1-2…and in any early church Papal documents or any early or late church documents or in any para-documents?

  1. One Muslim apologist said that Jesus was born of a virgin and he was resurrected but he is not God.

So, he was telling that we should not worship Jesus or pray to Jesus except Almighty God.

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Thanks for your important questions, others more qualified knowledgable than I, am certain will add thier comments.

Do you have a link for the you tube site. I searched and could not locate it. I also read Gospel of the Holy Twelve (Lection 32 & 33) and do not see how he makes the claim, connection
Awaiting your reply.

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@Kamei_Dan Thank you for your questions :slight_smile: Both of these objections are very weak and do not require serious rebuttal. In fact, these statements are not based on any evidence—they are just assertions. Assertions with no evidence to back them up mean nothing. I can say 2=5, but that does not make it true.

And like @mgaplus4, I had trouble finding this quote in the actual source document.

  1. Yes, of course there are ancient documents that diverge from Christian orthodoxy. There has and always will be false teaching. Not only can I not find the source document being referred to, but even if it exist it proves nothing. For a helpful treatment of non-orthodox documents produced the first few centuries after Christ, I would check out N. T. Wright’s book on the Gospel according to Judas. He makes a lot of good points that will help you understand why the existence of an ancient document with divergent views does not constitute evidence against the faith.

  2. The claim we should not worship Jesus as God is not based on any evidence. Naturally, that is the position that a Muslim would hold, but there is far more evidence that Jesus believed Himself to be God than there is against it. And therefore we must either accept Jesus as God or reject Him as a false prophet. There is no middle ground where He is just a good teacher or simply another prophet in a succession of prophets. That is commonly called the liar, Lord, lunatic argument.

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