On birthday: People who are born in the month of September

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It is said that people who are born in the month of September have sharp mind/ a very sharp mind and their assumptions are usually (or most of the time) correct.

So, one skeptic Bart D. Ehrman was born in the month of September. So, whatever Bart D. Ehrman said/says/ assume/assumed/thinking/thought/argument/
criticised/criticising about the reliability of the 66 books of the Bible or the 27 books of the New Testament was/is usually true?

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@Daniel1 Thank you for your question :slight_smile: I can assure you that whether or not someone’s ideas are true has absolutely nothing to do with the day that they were born. There is no evidence that people born in September are actually more intelligent, but there has been a study that found kids born in September had better grades on average. However, the reason they had better grades was because they were older than other students (started school later), so they had a competitive advantage. It was not because they were innately more intelligent.

There are also a number of obvious flaws with this line of reasoning:

  • if 2 people are both born in September and disagree, how do you decide who is right?
  • many very smart people were not born in September - Isaac Newton (Jan 4), Einstein (Mar 14), C. S. Lewis (Nov 29)

They found that students born in the month of September, putting them at the older end of the spectrum of kids in their school year, boasted a higher yearly score average than those born in August, who would be the youngest in their year group.


Thank you Daniel for helping me to understand a little better. Thank you Sean for your helpful answer. Real time data, out of four children oldest to youngest
May, 33 September, 24 February, 32 August 31
Not dates but ACT scores so my data agrees with Sean. Just some food for thought. I think there are to many factors involved in the equation to be definitive.


Hey @Daniel1, I was born in September and I want to agree with you on how smart we September’ians are :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. At the same time though, I totally disagree with Ehrman! I think he is ridiculous :wink:.


Another way of looking at this is that even if it were somehow true that the majority of people born in September were of higher than average intellect this would not mean that they are correct about particular issues. Even smart people make incorrect conclusions; and it has been shown both in the history of philosophy, and in experimental psychology that no one is a purely rational being, untainted by emotions, desires, and the will. That just isn’t how our reason works, and we are far too complex of creatures to think we come to an issue as purely neutral and rational minds. No one believes this to be true. Also, if Christianity is true (which I think it is), then you also have the noetic effects of sin to deal with.

Furthermore, what about all the Christian scholars who have been born in September? I don’t know when most NT Scholars were born, but let’s assume we find out that someone like N.T. Wright or Craig Bloomberg, or Mike Licona was born in September. Now what? How do we adjudicate between the conclusions of September babies like Ehrman, and some other September baby like a Wright or a Licona?

Finally, I think we can probably say with great confidence that the idea that people born in September are smart because they are born in September is a classical example of correlation, but not causation. In other words, it is just happenstance. Also, I doubt that the sample size is large enough to show that this is true; it sounds like an incredibly Hasty Generalization to me.

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Thank you so much sir for your help!

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Thank your so much sir for your help!

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Thank you!

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Thank you sir for your help!