On Campus Apologetics Event

(youssef georgy) #1

Hello everyone,
I am a student at University of California, Irvine. In an event sponsored by CRU (Campus Crusades for Christ), me and fellow students have prepared to launch a panel on Faith and Science. I need guidance on how to best run an on-campus apologetics event . I need to receive:

  • General guidance on how to run the event
  • To DO’s & to DON’T’s
  • How to conduct a Q&A Session
  • A manner through which the academic discussion would conclude to presenting the gospel message.
  • What should we expect/be ready for in a worst case scenario?

This event aims to invite Christian stem professors to discuss these main points:

  • How did you come to your faith?
  • Higher Education/Science compatibility
  • Being a Christian in STEM
  • Who is Jesus to you?
  • Q&A

The goal of the event is to introduce:

  • Belief in God as a logical decision in light of evidence.
  • The message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ as the only answer to life’s meaning and purpose.
  • Connect attendees with biblically based Christian organizations in the hope of continuing their understanding of Jesus Christ and ultimately becoming followers of Him and accepting Him as the Lord and Savior.

The audience is Christian and non-Christian college STEM students. The event is 1.5-2 hours long.

(Alex McElroy) #2

Hi Youssef,

I’m an apologist based in Chicago. I think what you are organizing is great. I will offer some suggestions from what I do on campuses and with other speaking engagements and conferences.

If you’re desiring to do this in 1.5-2 hrs total you should probably leave about 30 minutes for Q&A. That means the individual speakers (depending on how many you have) would have about 20 minutes to speak.
They should talk beforehand so that they don’t have much overlap in what they present.
It’s good to set the guidelines for how the event will run and what is expected from presenters and audience members up front which usually eliminates any antagonistic behavior. (i.e. We want to engage in a thoughtful and healthy discussion regarding x, y, z topics. We ask that everyone be respectful of other people’s opinions. Please don’t yell out…there will be time to ask questions.)

Also, with the Q&A, I think it is helpful to have a moderator or some intermediary between the presenter’s and the audience so that they can filter the questions, group ‘like’ questions and/or choose the best questions for the benefit of the audience.

The worst case I’ve personally experienced is when someone came to the mic at my own conference and yelled and challenged all presenters but then didn’t stick around for an answer. We still gave a calm and respectful answer to his comments so that everyone in the audience would know that an answer existed.

Lastly, it’s always a great idea to end by presenting the gospel. You can ask everyone to pray with you while you acknowledge that everyone present may not believe. You could also ask everyone to bow their heads and close their eyes so everyone is comfortable and then ask for those who want to come into a relationship with Christ to raise their hands and then meet with them in a smaller group afterwards. You could also have your team strategically positioned around the room to be able to walk each person who raised their hands through the gospel. Also, the gospel message should be interwoven through all of the presenter’s messages in some way.

I hope this helps. Feel free to reach out if you have any other questions.

Alex M.

(youssef georgy) #3

Hi Alex,
Thank you very much for your response. Me and my team found this helpful and practical. As the event approaches, I might reach out with some more questions. Thank you for being available.


(Alex McElroy) #4

No problem.

Be blessed