On God's sovereignty

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Why can’t God just kill or remove satan and it’s angels from this planet earth. If God is sovereign, why can’t He just forgive or save us all from His wrath. Why God allow /give chance to satan and his angels to tempt us and throw billions of people to hell eternally?

Is God weak? Is God not care some people going to hell? Does satan has quota/reservation to collect people to hell? Why can’t just God make an utopian world, revealing Himself and changing people’s heart to draw nearer to Him? If God is indeed Sovereign why can’t He solve the problem by kicking the devil out of this earth? Is God kind of playing puzzle or chess with satan?

Suffering, evil, sins, eternal hell, satan etc… Why can’t God solve all these problem? Why satan/darkness seems so strong?

Thank you.


There was a time when God, in His absolute sovereignty, was the only Being Who had a free will. He was, in fact, the only Being!

Then He began to create. And as He created, He made angels at the beginning of the week and men at the end of it.

And when He made angels and men, He did something as beautiful as it was dangerous. He gave them the amazing gift of “free will”.

And the moment He did that, He sovereignly chose to share His sovereignty with lesser beings. And sharing His sovereignty with others immediately made it no longer absolute. And God was okay with that. Because He sovereignly chose to do it that way.

Did that choice come with risks? Did it come with problems? Certainly! But in His infinite wisdom, God could see that all the risks were more than worth the reward.

What reward could possibly be worth all the sin and death and hell that has plagued the human race? It was the eternal love and life and heaven that He will share with all those who use their incredible and dangerous gift wisely.

He sovereignly chose to suffer for our sins, to show His love, to share His heaven - and all those who take their own tiny bit of sovereignty, their own free will, and offer it back to Him in humble submission, all who hand Him back the crown He gave to us - they will sit with Him on the throne over all creation forever (Revelation 3:21). The very throne that Satan tried to steal at the start, He freely offers to Adam’s race in the end.

And in the end, only those who submitted their wills to His will remain, and He will once again be absolutely sovereign throughout eternity with His Bride at His side. But then, His sovereignty will not be by force, but by love.

And eternal love was what made the dangerous gift finally worth it all.

I believe that if this answer satisfies your question about God’s sovereignty, then you can see how it will apply to many other questions such as you’ve raised as well.


@Daniel1 God has solved the problem of evil and death and sin in Jesus. However, God is patiently waiting for more people to have the chance to enter His Kingdom before restoring all things to rights and wiping away every tear / putting an end to evil forever.

God’s answer to evil is Jesus. We are in the part of God’s story where evil has been broken and satan dethroned. However, we have not yet reached the day when Jesus will dissolve this creation and bring about a new heavens and new earth, where no evil will dwell.


God is an all knowing creator. Jason Upton sings “He lives in the tension of creation.” Think about that. He knows the tension that was created from the fall, yet he continues to create. Christ said He goes to prepare a place for us, meaning he has continued to create. In his omnipresence all knowing He creates and calls. We are called by Him but — indeed— we much choose Him. Faith is a gift and you have it. We all need to always be asking God to strengthen our faith as we walk in Him.

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@Daniel1 understanding this quote is key [quote=“Daniel1, post:1, topic:37518”]
If God is sovereign, why can’t He just forgive or save us all from His wrath
[/quote]. What is God’s wrath and what does it mean? Paul explains in Rom. 2:5-8 that God’s wrath is not him punishing us for being sinful, it is allowing us to suffer the consequences of our choices. In order to love or to be loyal you have to have the ability to choose in order for it to have any meaning. In order for us to choose love and loyalty God allowed us to “see” what the alternative entails. When people actually understand the “evangelion” (gospel) in its original description then your anxiety should melt away. I’ll do my best to describe it, (understanding it this way was helpful for me!).
The “evangelion” was a proclamation made by an ambassador announcing the arrival of the emperor to a town or province. This proclamation would list the emperor’s victories over his enemies and then declare that the emperor was coming and to prepare for his arrival. If you were a loyal subject then the news of the arrival of the emperor and his victory over your enemies would be “good news.” The emperor was considered to be “Lord” over all within the realm.
I say all of that to say this, for Paul and the apostles (apostle/apostolos means ambassador), the “gospel/evangelion” was the declaration that King Jesus had conquered the enemies of humanity namely sin, the powers of evil and death and that he would be coming. Thus to declare Jesus as “Lord” was to declare your loyalty to the one true “Lord” of not just the earthly realm but also the spiritual realm as well. Since being a loyal subject meant obedience, your behavior reflected your citizenship to the kingdom.
Unfortunately, today we don’t see the significance in this declaration because to declare allegiance to someone other than the emperor was a death sentence. It required an enormous level of trust (faith/pistis) to declare your loyalty to Jesus and trust Him to save you not just from your sin, but also the evil forces at work in the world and the death you would face from this declaration.
Understanding salvation and the “gospel” message this way casts a whole different light on being a committed follower of Jesus.