Oneykka McAffee

(Oneykka McAffee) #1

Hi everyone

I will start the Core Module Course on November 1st. It’s exciting to have RZIMConnect to share, ask, learn and grow together.

Oneykka, c.M.H.G.

(Jimmy Sellers) #2

Welcome to connect. Excited to hear that you are taking the Core module. I hope that you get the blessing out of it that I did.

(Oneykka McAffee) #3

Thank you Jimmy. I will post as a go.

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #4

Welcome to RZIM Connect! It’ll be great to have you contribute in our discussions!

(Oneykka McAffee) #5

Thanks Isaiah! For now I am becoming more familiar with this platform and reading as much as possible to make sure I understand the flow of things.

Are you currently enrolled in a course?

Oneykka, c.M.H.G.

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #6

No, I haven’t really looked into it, but I think I would be really interested. What exactly do you do in the core module?

(Oneykka McAffee) #7

Waiting to see.

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #8