Online Christian Universities

Hi all
I’m looking for online degrees that can help me get into the British Army as a chaplain, as I feel I’m called to be part of ministry. However, I have some concerns:

  1. I hear apparently that one can lose their faith in such schools (if this is true, what would you recommend to alleviate such problems?)

  2. I need to find something that is both affordable and able to counsel me to become more mature in Christ, as well as something that can adapt to a potentially busy day.

  3. Also, is there any programs that ascribe to reformed theology?

What online programs would you recommend?

I would also check with the military to see if they have requirements on the accreditation of the school. I know in the US the school has to maintain a certain accreditation for the military to recognize the degree.

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To tag onto the point @Joshua_Hansen mentioned above, once you’ve found that answer, some of the more reformed theological colleges I know of in the UK are…

Union School of Theology
Oak Hill Theological College

It doesn’t seem like they offer online courses, though (:grimacing:), but it looks like Edinburgh Theological Seminary has distance learning options…

There are a number of solid seminaries in the US that offer online courses, however, these will be at the Master’s degree level. Three that I’m most familiar with are…

Reformed Theological Seminary
Covenant Theological Seminary
Westminster Theological Seminary

As for ‘losing your faith’, I wouldn’t be too afraid of that. Unless, of course, you are afraid of being challenged and transformed. If that’s the case, then I would just skip study and go lock yourself in a box. :wink: Don’t get me wrong, the challenges are real…but, in the end, I find them worth it.

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