Onomah Hayford

(Frank Onomah Hayford ) #1

Hello, I am from Ghana. It is my interest to establish firmly and truthfully the authenticity of the scriptures (the bible) and also teach people from it to make them what it says about them, why it say so, among other. I hope this family helps. I am very grateful to God to find myself here.

(Brian Lalor) #2

Welcome to connect. There are a number of people from Ghana in my church here in Xi’an. One of our regular preachers is from there, all great footballers too:) I hope you can learn a lot from this community.

(Michael Jagusch) #3

Good morning and welcome from Ohio (USA),

Hope you find this group encouraging in Christ Jesus.

It’s great to read what our father God is doing around the world.



(Frank Onomah Hayford ) #4

Thanks Mike

(Frank Onomah Hayford ) #5

Thanks. Great to know that

(Sieglinde) #6

Hello @Onomah welcome to connect. You have come to the right place and we are grateful you landed here too :slightly_smiling_face:

(Heidi Mitchell) #7

Welcome @Onomah !
So glad you’ve joined us.

I think your statements are true for this Connect family- to know the scriptures, and be able to teach others the truth that we hold.

I hope to see you in the forums!

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