Opening a voice in our Lord for artist, writers, gardeners, mothers, crafts, and everyone in between

Dare I risk this? I feel safe being I have met so many artists in my short time here. We are writers, poets, in home chefs or outside chefs, gardeners, mothers, painters, drawers, home arts, folk arts, jouneralists, and dreamers in our Lord across the board. Maybe we didn’t write a book, have a painting displayed at a museum, or have our children appreciate the beautiful hand knit blanket. But we do this in Love and to express what is natural in our Lords creative design.

Genesis 1 ’ In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth,’ Are we not made in our Fathers image? Genesis 1:27 ’ So God created man in His own image of God he created them, male and female he created them. ’

So that the scripture quaifies our urge to create, some in children, others in a form of art. I know all of you are out there! Men and Women. We don’t have to be perfect here at all! Just please if you will, share your craft and how it is in our Lord.

I will take first risk. It is a poem and a bit sing songy. I was 15 and volenteering at a nursing home. One of the women, to whom I became attached,told me she always wanted to be a silk purse, but God only made her an old denim bag. The Holy spirit moved in me to write a poem, such as a child will do. Ms. … embraced the poem, and had it read at her funeral a few weeks later. And I grieved deeply. I am no poet or writer. It felt like love accepted in my heart. All of you have so much to share.I hope this will encourage all of you to write and /or share your art! I didnt realize when I wrote this, I was also writing it for myself as my life now will be quite shortened. All is God’s will. Please… every art is a gift to share in our Lord.

" The Silk Purse "

We are an expression of God’s creation in the memory of time.
The Lord releases His intention, and the silver spool unwinds.
Our soul becomes reality as every breath of life combining
with the Creator becomes a moment of existence intertwining.

Our fabric is designed with tender grace and simple knowing.
Angels bring together all the colors of the rainbow gently flowing.
Each thread that forms the silk purse is carefully chosen.
For it holds the truth within of both the Weaver…and the woven.

That truth never changes as the purse becomes old and stained.
It fades over many years, yet the truth remains unchanged.
When creation rejoins Creator, it’s not the fabric that’s reclaimed.
But the light, which is the spirit… that the old silk purse contained

~Sanah Dalah



SANAH! Thank you very much for sharing your lovely poem. You give such a beautiful representation of God’s intricate design of individuals. Do you mind if I share it beyond the Connect audience? I have friends and family whom this would bless. To read that you wrote such a meaningful poem as a teenager reminds me of how inspired and open-hearted I felt in those years of my life.

I’m not sure why you are facing the possibility of your life ending soon. I pray this changes for you.

Thank you again for sharing this beautiful, uplifting creative poem with the nations as this is how you shared it directly with me.


Hello my dearest Sanah, your love, your heart, continue to bless and humble me at the same time. The sacredness and beauty of this poem is inspiring to me. You always had that gentle spirit, God annointed you with it. That inner beauty is a rare gift and I thank you for living it.
Love and prayers



Your poem is beautiful. A number of years ago I spent two years visiting nursing homes with my small children and loved the elderly people we met. Your poem touched my heart as I remember trying to see the residents as they were when they were younger, as people who had lived full lives and were now quiet and shrunken and feeble. The ones that could talk had wonderful stories to tell and loved the children. Your gift of words is truly a talent!

As you know Sanah, but not everyone here does, I do practice the art of raising children. I have been having babies since 1996 and am expecting #13. Along with my husband I have been learning from my mistakes and doing better as we have become more experienced parents. We have lots of happy little ones and young adults now who all love the Lord. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I also love to paint with oils with my mom and daughters. My mom is a great teacher and it’s fun to work with colors to recreate images that God made onto canvass.

My newest passion that is all my own is gardening. I could garden all day and love making things grow. Digging in the earth, cleaning up beds, helping withered plants to come back again lush and beautiful, making spaces beautiful with one of God’s most precious gifts of creation. I can’t garden all day with so many children at home but I do plan to have huge gardens in heaven. I will invite everyone to come and visit and we will enjoy God’s perfect creation together. :heart::blossom::deciduous_tree::cherry_blossom::evergreen_tree:

Another art that many women share is hospitality. I am working on that one, making a comfortable and welcoming home for guests while we have a large family about. It seems to be working though. My husband does a great job with logistics making things happen for large crowds. My kids are great at providing entertainment, so I guess you could call it a family endeavor. :blush:

Thank you for starting this conversation Sanah! I’m looking forward to hearing from others about arts they are passionate about!


Hi Ms. Leah!

Thank you so much for your kind words.

You do not look too be much older than me! Your heart has not changed but grown more wise in life! Your words are kind, generous, encouraging and inspired. Thank you for uplifting me in a few words.

You are more than welcome to share anything I write. It is why the Holy Spirit will have me write I am to think. If there is some good to come from words, I hope someone will share them. Thank you very much!

What is your art Ms Leah?

In Christ and blessings Ms. Leah,

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My dear Mr. Mike,

Always our Lord will bring you to drop a word so supportive of such edification.

There is something very special about you Mr. Mike. Every time I see your post my heart is very happy and grateful.

Just know sir, the world is better with you here.



My dear Ms. Carrie.

Gosh, the garden you have already planted is such a blessing to everyone!

I really appreciate your wisdom as a mom many times over. I apologize and changed my post to include mothers, because of all people, a mother is Gods perfect creative hand. There is no art more beautful than bringing into the world a child and shaping him/her.

Talkng with you about all of your children, each one so different, was a stong factor in opening this post and sharing my poem. For it is the silver spool of our Gods purpose that makes each of us His very special and unique child.

Oh my gosh! Can you send any of your oil paints here?

What is your favorite plant to grow in your garden?

i didn’t know you were expecting! Now I have another sister on the way!

Thank you always Ms. Carrie for your unbending strength and unshakable enthusiasim.



@sanahdalah15, what a beautiful poem you have a real talent I would like to hear more. I have several Passions one is wood turning. If you look at my little picture when I post things you will see two spinning tops. I created those and the Lord showed me how to put the colors of the Gospel on the tops. They are called gospel tops. And to the glory of God alone I have been privileged to lead to people to Christ with those tops. The second is writing poems and songs worship songs to be exact. Many years ago I was reading the verse that said the very rocks would cry out if the people didn’t when Jesus was riding into Jerusalem and I wondered if a mountain stream could talk, what would it say. Here it goes "ever on and down we go to quench The thirst of Nations born under the hand of him who died And rose in kingly splendor.
To please the one who loves all things never to question always wee sing for Joy of serving one so great and yet with heart so tender.
Rod Page


Hi Mr. Page and gosh,

I have never met a wood turner. There was a time when I was in Asheville NC, and there are many artisans there. Alot of potters and wood crafters, but I have never run across a wood turner. How did you find you were drawn to this and how long did it take to learn? The tops must be super hard to craft being they must also have intracate parts to make them spin.

Your poem reminds me of the verse Psalm 46:4 ’ There is a river whose streams make glad the city God, the holy habitation of the most high. ’

Have you been able to put your songs of worship to music !

Thank you so much for sharing all of this Mr. Page. I hope this will become a place where we can all share what art our father has inspired in our souls.




Here are just two photos of paintings that I just happened to have on my phone. I don’t have access to my other paintings for now since we are on vacation.

I would have a heard coming up with a favorite plant since I love them all, but I do like to have a rose garden which I’ve been trying to establish in our new home that is my pet project. Roses are beautiful! And I love perennials, the plants that come back every year, as opposed to annuals, which only last for one season, because they are like old friends that I look forward to coming back every spring and because you don’t have to keep buying new ones every year and planting again. :blush:


Rod, I love a mountain stream and your poem painted such a picture in my mind that was so delightful to experience! Thank you so much for sharing it! :slight_smile:


Thank you for this so touching poem. Love it


Sorry for the typo mistake on your name Sanah - auto correct to be more accurate


@sanahdalah15, yes I have put some to music and some written as worship songs.
I discovered wood turning 2years ago at my old job which had a wood shop and an old lathe. I learned from you tube videos. The top is one piece and not too hard🤗 to make.


@gchop, thanks it was one of my first a long time ago. You’re oils by the way are spectacular. What a blessing to us and Joy to the Father.


here’s a better pic of the tops they are all black on the bottom, and as they also spin upside down all you see at first is all black representing that our sin separates us from God then you would spin it right side up talking about the (red)cross, (white)purity, (green) growing in our knowledge of God and His expectation of us as His children and finally the gold represent him taking us to heaven.


This thread is a delight! Thank you for the invitation to open up and share what God tucked inside us, Sanah.

Reading @gchop Carrie’s post about raising and continually expanding her amazing, large family that loves the Lord and about @rpage Rodney’s poem and his colorful, intriguing wooden tops used to share the gospel turns on an inward light :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: . I am a writer and singer, neither by trade but both in spirit. Most of what I write is songs, devotional thoughts, and private journaling, some of which are more like prayers, talking to God on the page. Writing and singing (personal lyrics or otherwise) are the best ways I can express my heart to the Lord and communicate with others. Story and feature writing is fun, too. They may be a less expressive tool for me, but the story writing (usually oral) has certainly brought lots of laughter to life. I’ve made up stories and played make-believe with my daughter as she’s grown up, and we’ve had so much fun together through that. She and my mother when I was little may be the only two who have seen much of that creative side of me haha.

How intimate to consider God and His silver spool, as you understandingly describe it, weaving loves into my heart, inspirations to create worship in some regard, to bring about a sound or phrase or sight that could touch an idea and connect it to the soul of another in a way that uplifts Him. How amazing He is to create all of us and make us unique even in how we reflect Him.


Wow! These are breathtaking!


Thank you Leah! I bet your gift of words is a great encouragement to others. And I think we could play together, you and your daughter and me and mine. We love to use our imaginations and my kids and I have so much fun playing together! Being able to play with your kids is a treasure I think. :blush:


Gosh Ms. Carrie,

Those paintings are beautiful! How long have you been painting?

Did you take classes?

Do you sell them? What was the inspiration for those?


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