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Hi Mr. Page,

I love the symbology with the colors and how they represent different aspects from sin to salvation, then heaven. And the green like a plant growing upward. I’m trying to imagine how it would look spinning.

What other designs to you make?



Hi Ms. Leah,

That’s a lot gifts in just one person. :grin:

Do you write the music to your songs also? It would be such a blessing to hear you.

Journaling is such a wonderful way to keep up with our inner world and personal self. I never thought about it as a conversation with our Lord. That’s such a lovely way to keep an diary of relationship with our Father.

So are the stories you tell similar to that of a storyteller by trade? I remember, when I was little, a man would come to our library a few of times a year and tell stories! That’s what he did. He was native American and told alot of stories about the animals. Even adults were mesmerized. Maybe you will share some!



I first asked my mother, who has been painting for almost 50 years, if she would teach me to paint 8 years ago. We ended up painting once a week with two of my daughters and three other friends. It was a fun time! I haven’t painted but once these last two years as I’ve been so busy but I’ll get back into it.

What inspired these paintings? My imagination really. The bird is the only painting that I’ve done all my own without my mom’s instruction. I’d like to try painting more on my own when I find time. :smirk:

I haven’t tried to sell any paintings but one friend asked to buy two and I gave another to a different friend. My paintings are mostly small for purposes of just learning.



These are pics of the top spinning.


Oh Thanks Mr. Page!

That’s how I saw it in my mind but I wasn’t sure! It’s really kewl and so simple. But it looks complex to make.

What is that it’s spinning on? I see ducks and looks like a big drift wood?



How many have you done Ms. Carrie?



I’m definitely not at a gifted level in all that. I enjoy doing it all anyway! My storytelling is just silly. I used to make up these stories about my daughter’s stuffed bear, Bubba. Boy, did Bubba have an adventurous life! He stayed in some kind of caper. I’ve often wished I could remember those tales to write them down. We laughed and laughed over that bear.

The singing and songwriting are my favorite pretty consistently. Often the melody and words come mostly together. I tinker on the piano enough to chord out simple songs, so that helps when I’m tuning out a new one. At times it doesn’t help because I don’t know how to play what’s in my head lol.

I’ve dreamed for years of having the opportunity to record some songs to be able to hand them to someone to hear and hopefully be encouraged by them. One day I believe I’ll get to do this :smiley: . I posted lyrics to a song called “Lord,Give Me Strength” once in an effort to encourage a brother. Maybe I can link that here…

You mentioned that your poem, “The Silk Purse,” was sing-songy. Do you write songs?


Absolutely, that is a treasure :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:. My daughter and I for years have spent a lot of time traveling to the sitter or school and back, and that time has been a gift to us to share together. There aren’t a great many things to do while driving, but being an imaginary Barbie is one I totally can do :slightly_smiling_face:.


These tops are great! Thank you for sharing them. I’m impressed that they spin on the skinny tip. They look like they would fit right in in a classical toys store. These would be an effective and memorable way of sharing the gospel. They’re visual, tangible, and symbolic, and if you’re telling their meaning, too, they’re auditory. Talk about a learning tool that hits all the points.


Lots! I actually have no idea. :joy:


Dear Ms. Leah,

Thank you for that address to find your song. I feel sure Mr. Charles was surely encouraged by your openess and honesty.

The stuggles presented in the words of your song resonate with struggle and surrender. And how can we walk the path our Lord laid without falling to our knees and surrendering knowing our imperfections? And after we have fallen to our knees; how many times again and again and again must we fall until we realize surrender is where we begin ? If the veil was lifted and we could see heaven opened then how much stronger would our walk be? But I beleive it is in the surrender in your chores where the veil is truely lifted.

I love how you pray for the Lord to be your/our guide. Ephesians 6:12 ’ For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this world’s darkness, and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. ’

We must align with our Lord. What scripture was your inspiration Ms. Leah?

No mam, I do not write songs. Maybe a person can move the words around a little and add a chores and the poems can be converted. I have never thought about it actully.

Is there any way to hear you sing your words of praise ? I enjoyed so much reading your song ! It was so true. I will like to hear your piano and voice.



@sanahdalah15, it is an old plastic place mat

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@sanahdalah15. You and I have written before of our love of writing. So, I am sharing one of my stories written back in August 2016. I call this one,

Built to Last!

I thought this morning of the varied ways the body reacts to incidents that shock and surprise it. It is rarely like our cartoons depict.

Not that we would ever witness such an event as it happens to us. But it is traumatic and funny while it last. And to the extent our linear view can record it, it gets funnier and funnier as we replay the record in our minds.

One day I decided to tackle our household laundry room. No, you have rarely seen a laundry room like this one. The dirty clothes did not sit in receptacles, the entire room was the receptacle. Clothes pushing waist-deep, oozing from the room.

So, I am hard at work. First color sorting, then replacing the sorted piles back into the room, all the while washing and drying laundry. For some strange reason, I am singing. Quite loudly, because I did not hear my brother plodding down the stairs. Until, around the corner, he bounded.

Although he saw me first, that did not seem to help. As I turned and caught a glimpse of a second presence in the room, all irrationality and fear surfaced! In one swooping blow, I knew that ghosts are real, that murderers did break into occupied homes, that I was going to die, and ghost were real.

A blood-curdling scream jumped from my open mouth at the same time my body jerk up like I was riding a galloping pony. My reaction seemed to frighten my brother. For he jumped in fear, let loose his own guttural scream, which served to frighten me again.

We were galloping, screaming, and jumping in that narrow hallway, not so sure why, but determined not to die quietly. Then laughter set in.
Soon we were falling along the walls, too weak to stand, as our minds played over and over our irrational behavior.

Even as I write about it now, I am choking and chortling weak with laughter. What is amazing is how it happened to me, but in recalling it, I can see details I could not have possibly seen while it happened.

As shocking to my system as those moments were, I am truly grateful for them all. It is a reminder of how succinctly the Lord has created the human body. How built into its core is an automatic release button.

Sometimes taking the form of tears, screaming, yelling, invisible horse galloping. Weakness of the knees, and sweet irrational laughter. The list can go on and on. But the safeguards are there. We should be appreciative of this internal balancer.

Don’t look at incidents as negative vs. positive. But be keenly aware of how we are built to maintain balance. We are built to know and choose joy, no matter what startles us. Now excuse me I need to go feed my horse.


Dear Ms. Constance,

How are you?

I had a very good feeling you would find this post and I am so happy you did!. It was much our transaction that encouraged my heart to open it.

Built to Last. What a perfect title. You have quite the gift for writing ! Your style, metaphor, and illustrations are so vivd I can see the entire event in my mind as if I am there. And your comical presentation … compare/contrast fight or flight – joy. Both innate from our Father. And gosh, you brought it all together as a teaching story in our Lord’s perfect design. The last sentence, bringing it back to the comical description of the horse. It was really funny Ms. Constance. I was smiling or laughing the entire reading, and then the serious note… that is sobering. It is a very uplifting read. :smile:

I / we would love to read more of your writings.

I’m hoping everyone will return and share more of their work and maybe more people will find this post and share their creative expressions in our Lord.

I’ll work on reassembling one of mine that is not with me physically. Most are memorized, but some pieces are missing in my memory so it takes a quite a minute.

Thank you so much Ms. Constance for adding your touch to this most lovely group.



@sanahdalah15. Sanah you must add one more descriptive trait to your spiritual resume. You are truly GOD’s own cheerleader. I know by the readings that your support is cherished. I love the way you reach out to every person who submits a post or entry of appreciation. Take your time and keep that notepad close by. I can’t wait to read what you recall or create in poetry.


Hi Ms. Jo and thank you!

Please come back! So many are posting such lovely things. What is it that is your creative leaning? :slightly_smiling_face:



Dear Sanah, What a beautiful thing you started here! You are so gifted, not only in writing but also in encouraging others. You are like a joint in the body of Christ, connecting and causing movement. I love your poem, especially the third verse. It really spoke to me and reminded me of an old favorite poem, “my life is but a weaving between my Lord and me.” I too love to write although I haven’t written anything in a very long time. I also love to sing hymns, and I’ve written a few poems and songs (for myself mostly). I tend to write more when I’m going through a difficult time; it’s the way I get my thoughts together and keep my heart in God’s presence. I’ll share here a poem I wrote many years ago. It’s a back and forth between me and the Lord.

Do YOU see?

Do You see the bruising of my heart, Lord?
“My dear child, do you see Mine?”
Do You feel the depth of all my pain, Lord?
“My child, can you fathom Mine?”

What sort of pain, what kind of bruise could be upon Your heart?
How can the Lord my Shield know grief and of pain receive a part?

“My dear child, the cross displays the whole of what you ask …look now and see
The very essence of my Love … and pain that sets you free.”

Oh depth of Love - from heaven above - my heart is weak,
The road to glory narrows so, from You I seek
That soothing balm for wounded hearts and souls - on You I lean,
Your shoulder gives me strength within the wild, and help I glean!
For though I love You, there remains an evil self that wields a sword …

“But oh, my child! My Grace and Truth your spirit, soul completely hold
Until the day You see My face and know in full above
And wake to find you live and move within My glorious love.”


@gchop Your paintings are beautiful!!! I especially love the first one; if I could give it a name, it would be “the Light in the Cabin.” They are really lovely. And wow, 13 kids; I admire you for that. I wanted four kids; the Lord gave us one child who fills up our hearts. May all your children rise up and call you blessed.


@sanahdalah15, I have been working on a new poem for the last week and a half and it didn’t come together until 11:30 at night on Sunday night. It’s about what the apostle Paul calls in Romans chapter 1 ungodliness which is a heart attitude. It speaks of my condition before I was saved many years ago and I believe the condition of every human heart that has not trusted in Christ.
The title is Throne of my Heart
What have I done
In the throne of my heart?
who wore the crown in that secret place?
It was not God that I glorified there
No It was I that took His place.

What did I earn while playing the king
Ignoring the warnings from heaven above
Banking God’s wrath with my every decision
Not understanding that I was beloved

I loved to compare myself to all others
Noticing faults so easy to see
Keeping the gaze of my conscience deflected
Never allowing a good look at me

So patiently waiting while I did my will
The spirit of God begin to have sway
Convicted, persuaded of my Guilt at last
He Showed me a debt that I could not pay

What must I do with this heart of rebellion
To whom do I call and How do I start
Get off the Throne of your heart said the Spirit
And set apart Christ as Lord in your heart
And there in response to the Spirit I bowed
and looked to my Savior on Calvary’s Hill
And after confessing my heart of rebellion
He brought me to life and said
“Be still
and know that I AM God!”


I recently read this article by Vince Vitale. I found it very interesting. Here is a snippet.
God’s two poems
There are two things in the Bible that are spoken of as God’s poem. First, Romans 1:20: “For since the creation of the world God’s invis­ible qualities…have been clearly seen, being understood from what has been made.” The Greek word for “what has been made” is poiemasin, from which we get the word poem. God’s creation is the poem of God.
Second, there is Ephesians 2:8–10: “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith—and this is not from yourselves, it is the gift of God—not by works, so that no one can boast. For we are God’s handiwork, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” For we are God’s “handi­work.” Another translation says we are God’s “masterpiece,” and this is the same word—poiema.

How great to know that our Lord is the best artist and we are His poems.