Order of the New Testament canon?

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Where did we get the canonical order for the NT?

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@noahyoung The order of the books is not inspired and has been different at different times in history, though certain groups of books have generally been kept together. The following article provides some helpful thoughts. Christ grant you wisdom :slight_smile:

The key point is that there was a lot of diversity in the Bible’s book order historically, with people feeling free to move things around based on a variety of reasons. Once we realize that the Bible has been entrusted to our care, and that historically the church felt free to put it together in divergent ways, we can be intentional about thinking through what book order might best serve our needs today.

When considering the order of books in the Bible, it’s probably best to start by thinking in terms of groups of books rather than simply individual books. And it’s crucial to think in terms of a longer-term process, not simply a moment in time when everything was decided at once.


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Well I’m no scholar but this link may help. The title is a bit misleading but as you read on it tells of the compilation of the bible and gives resources at the bottom that you can check out as well. I’ll also put some authors and books you could check out too. :slight_smile:

Neil R. Lightfoot “How we got the Bible” Third Edition
Arthur G. Patzia “The making of the New Testament”
F.F. Bruce “The Canon of Scripture”
Micheal J. Kruger “Canon Revisited”