Organizing Content: Categories and Tags

(Carson Weitnauer) #1

Hi friends,

The content in RZIM Connect is organized both by Category and by Tags. Categories include #welcome-to-connect, #daily-evangelism, and #ask-rzim.

“Tags” are keywords that organize related content. They specify the central focus of a particular Topic and link that Topic to other Topics that deal with the same subject. For instance, we might have a tag for #gospel, #resurrection, or #trinity.

Tags enable us to organize content across Categories. Or if two posts on the same subject are created at different times within a Category, a tag enables us to group those posts together.

Tags make it easy for you to see a full list of the different topics, speakers, and programs we’ve discussed in RZIM Connect. Visit the Tags page to see them all:

To make tags a valuable feature, we do limit their use to the most substantive posts in the community. If your posts get tagged, consider it an honor!