Say Hello… My full name is Orrin Marshall, retired from career work, but not from God’s work.

Where are you from? Originally from Guyana residing in the State of Georgia

What led you to join Connect? The opportunity to communicate with others about topics and resources that are uplifting to my spirit and spiritual growth.

How do you hope to contribute? Not quite sure about the level yet; will let the Holy Spirit guide my thoughts and communication.


@otm Nice to meet you!

Welcome Orrin, so good to meet you. Look forward to further interaction. This is a great place to grow and learn. Blessings

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Welcome aboard @otm. I love that: never retired! Thank you for joining connect and coming alongside us to encourage and to provide rational responses to the concerns of our members. I am sure the Holy Spirit will lead you to respond to somebody that you will be able to help here. You will be blessed and they will be blessed. God-bless you and your journey.

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Welcome to Connect Orrin, we are so glad meet you! This is indeed a good place to be uplifted in spirit as we learn and grow together. Many blessings to you! :blush:


Welcome to Connect @otm!