Oscar Mendez

Hello All! I’m happy and grateful to be part of this community.

I hail from Newark, NJ, USA.

I am an avid listener to many of RZIM audio productions- Just Thinking, Cover to Cover, and my favorite-Thinking Out Loud. From having so many other questions, I hope I get to learn as much as I can from this forum.

I am a music director of my church here in Newark. My life has been shaped into the lifestyle of a freelance musician, where my abilities allow me to play in many venues and of many styles of music. I hope to contribute to this forum, a perspective to how I maneuver my life as a devoted follower of Christ-and of an artist-in the struggle of producing, creating and participating in the aesthetics of life.


Welcome @Quasi_Tomasi88 in this wonderful community! You will surely learn and understand a lot of things from honest and well versed Christians! God bless on your seeking! :star_struck:


Welcome, Oscar! @Quasi_Tomasi88
It’s neat to hear how God has used your musical abilities as a ministry and a way of life :orange_heart: I can imagine you love what you do, and others are edified by your music.
Have you always lived in Newark? I lived in Jersey for several years as a teen when my family relocated.
I hope you enjoy looking around! Great topics out there :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard @Quasi_Tomasi88. Glad you are with us. The Lord loves questions - seek and ye shall find. :slight_smile: Are you writing music too? It would be awesome to have a category for original music. God-bless you and your journey.


Thanks for the salutation! As for writing original music-I ask that question to myself all the time. I don’t—simply because there’s so much joy to be found with the music we have now. Whether be a indigenous folk music, contemporary rock, or a Mahler symphony, it feels fresh every time I listen. The more I think about composing, the more I feel like referencing back to it’s influence and enjoy that instead…

Thanks for that question though! I’d never had the opportunity to craft my thoughts about it in text.

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Born, raised, and still in this city! Occasionally, I have my work in NYC as a freelance-but this is my home😊