Ostentatious church buildings

(Tsilise) #1

Hi everyone,
I would love to hear from this community as to what is your personal stand and insight about this question I have been confronted with for long time.
There have been a sort of growing trends of building Churches which cost hefty amount of money and in fact it has become increasing a very expensive affairs. Primary source of funding come from individual households. My question is, is it essential for place of worship to have all the high end modern technology or what ought to be a standard for a building to be a place of worship?
Thank you.

(SeanO) #3

@Tsilise I think there are two extremes on this topic. On the one hand, some would say that the Church should have no building and use all extra funds for missions or ministry to the poor if we really want to follow Jesus. On the other hand, those who believe a large, attractive Church building is essential to ministry. Personally, I think each group of believers must prayerfully consider how God can best use them in their context.

Here are some benefits I see to thoughtfully designed, well maintained Church buildings:

  • the spaces in which we worship can shape us and inspire awe
  • a Church building can be a resource to our community. One Church I attended allowed local private schools to hold graduation ceremonies there and did other community related events
  • a nice, well-maintained Church building communicates that the organization itself is healthy and well organized, making guests and members feel more at ease
  • a Church building provides a space for meetings and times of worship where everyone can gather on a consistent basis without worrying about rental spaces, extra set-up/teardown, unavailability, etc.

Thus, the architecture and aesthetics of our houses of worship—what we see, hear, feel, even smell—invariably shape our communion with Christ and one another week after week. Prior generations understood this and invested an enormous amount of thought into the architecture and construction of their sanctuaries.

Here are some benefits I see to renting out a school or space behind a coffee shop in the local community rather than building a large Church:

  • may be more inviting for unbelievers nervous about Churches if done well
  • frees up resources for other areas of ministry
  • encourages multiplying Churches as the Church grows
  • helps believers remember they are sojourners in the world and have a mission mindset
  • can help avoid accusations about misusing funds or only being concerned about money - especially if this type of Church simultaneously invest in the local community

Hope those thoughts are helpful :slight_smile: What are some benefits you see to each way of doing Church?