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Our Call to Lean Toward the Oppressed

In today’s Take Five, South Africa-born Oxford-based RZIM speaker Lara Buchanan explores Paul’s first letter to the Corinthians to discover how loving with generosity can move us deeply in spirit and move us deeply towards action to address the plight of the oppressed or the misused.

It’s impossible to read through the Bible and not notice that all the way through it, it equates love with action, especially towards those in need.

While it is impossible to love without giving, it is entirely possible to give without loving…there is a way of giving which is all about me and not about the person or the group that I’m giving to.

The language that Paul is using here implies that the person who is giving so much of their possessions, even to the point of giving their own life, is doing this in the hope of gaining spiritual merits…that is in fact the opposite of the Christian message.

Make it Personal

  • Are there times and places that you have tried to give or serve without loving?

  • What steps have you taken, or that you can take, to ensure that we are giving and serving, not to gain merit or favor, but out of love?