Our hardened heart

(Deepak Kumar) #1

Why is our heart hardened? Why can’t we completely stop sinning? Like Pharaoh of the Egypt our heart is hardened too. We want to do the right thing but our heart changes so easily.
Why is it like that?
Do share your opinion.

(Isaiah J. Armstrong) #2

The condition of our hardened heart can be traced all the way back to the Fall with Adam and Eve. It’s birthed out of our desire to be autonomous, to be apart from God. I think C.S Lewis said it best:

“When we have understood about free will, we shall see how silly it is to ask, as somebody once asked me: ‘Why did God make a creature of such rotten stuff that it went wrong?’ The better stuff a creature is made of the cleverer and stronger and freer it is–then the better it will be if it goes right, but also the worse it will be if it goes wrong. A cow cannot be very good or very bad; a dog can be both better and worse; a child better and worse still; an ordinary man, still more so; a man of genius, still more so; a superhuman spirit best–or worst–of all.”

It is directly connected with our capacity of free will. Add this with our fallen nature as well as the temptations of Satan, it’s only by God’s unmerited grace and forgiveness that we can even hope to follow him at all. God has created us, he loves us; it would make no sense to create a hopeless creature. In fact, it would go against the very nature of God.
I do believe that in heaven we will have shed our desperately wicked hearts. That is what we as believers have hope for.
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Thanks for your questions and I pray that my thoughts on the subject were in some way helpful!