Our Longing for Justice Reflects the God of Justice

Shawn Hart talks about our longing for justice on today’s Take Five, drawing on his personal experiences in Rwanda as he continues this week’s series looking at how we reflect the image of God.

When tragedy strikes home, and when deep evil and wrong hit us personally, there’s rightly a deep angst and a heartfelt cry for that wrong to be made right, for justice to be done.

In order to be upset about the injustice that is being committed, you have to assume that there is value to the person who is the victim of injustice.

At its most foundational level, our longing for justice reflects the God of justice, whose image we are created in.

Make it Personal

  • Do you feel a “heartfelt cry” by injustice, or have you become desensitized by all the injustice that surrounds us?

  • What does it look like for our cries for justice to also be affirmations of one another’s value?

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First, at the risk of combining your questions, I think that in order to feel a heartfelt cry, you have to affirm the value of another. Our response will be wrapped up in whether or not we are going to love our neighbor as ourselves as we are commanded.

Second, as Christians, we know that our God loves justice. We love what He loves. And, while He is long suffering, judgment is promised, even to every idle word. That keeps us from despair if we are the victim, and it should cause us, who are God-fearing, to judge ourselves to be sure we are standing on the Lord’s side, if we are not.

Finally, I believe, if we become callused, we are losing our love and are beginning to be able to bear evil, or at the least are becoming lukewarm, both of which would be detrimental to our walk with the Lord.

What does it look like? I think it looks like the example of the good Samaritan. The neighbor was not those who passed by on the other side, i.e. who did not allow the problem of the victim to impact their lives. It was the one who stopped. So, how do we know if we are sent? Proverbs 3:27 “…when it is in the power of thine hand to do it” - we don’t cross the street. God gives us opportunities, and provision, to serve Him. We just need to choose sides at every decision point re whom we will serve; we will always choose justice if we have any part in it. I believe, we, who are His, will feel the cries because His Spirit is in us and we will answer whatever His specific call to us, according to the light and provision that He gives us to impact where He placed us.

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