Overview of New Testament - Video Resource?

(Rick Rump) #1

I am looking for a video resource of an Overview of the New Testament suitable for new believers and unbelievers who are seeking. Would prefer to hold the time to less than one hour. I would be showing this to a group of senior adults at a senior living facility. Willing to pay if a free resource is not available.



(SeanO) #2

@Rickrcomm The Bible project has some great and engaging videos on the Bible as a whole that you may be able to integrate. Its target audience is admittedly not senior adults, but the videos are very well done and would provide a very clear overview of the Bible if they are not familiar.

(Rick Rump) #3

Thank you for the suggestion, Sean. But I don’t think they would carry the weight I think the seniors expect an authority on the New Testament to have. That is not to criticize The Bible Project, but I don’t think it fits my need.

I do plan to listen to some of their videos for a younger target audience.



(SeanO) #4

@Rickrcomm Indeed. Out of curiosity, were you tasked with covering the entire New Testament or was that by choice?

I know some good videos that cover topics like the Resurrection (N. T. Wright), the reliability of the Bible, the case for Christ (Lee Strobel - the movie is good!) or the life of Jesus (I really like this rendition of the Gospel of John, but it is 3 hours).

This guys’ survey of the New Testament looks pretty good if that’s the topic your shooting for… It addresses questions skeptics might have as well.

(Carson Weitnauer) #5

Hi Rick, David Platt has done an overview of the New Testament:


Here’s a 20 minute overview of the Old Testament and the New Testament:

I hope this helps a bit!

(Rick Rump) #6

Thanks for your tips, Sean. I looked at those and I think the Gospel of John will be good for a follow-up when the group gets to John. Following another recommendation, I am going to try Dave Platt’s Overview.

Thanks again (Your dad’s Evidence was one of the 1st Christian books I read after becoming a Christian at the age of 32! Glad to see the update! I bought it!)


(Rick Rump) #7


Thanks to the pointer to Dave Platt’s survey of the New Testament. I think it will fit the bill. Might have to photoshop a tie onto him for the audience! :slight_smile: “Coincidently” he is the new pastor at my son’s church in McLean, VA. Small (Christian) world!

Update: I now see Dave Platt’s Survey is actually 4 x 1 hr sessions. Too long for my present need (but bookmarking for some future situation.) So I’d like to leave the thread open to see if anyone might suggest a 60 minute max survey/overview.

Thanks again,


(Carson Weitnauer) #8

Hi Rick, another option would be to watch Platt’s four hour overview, take detailed notes, and prepare a one hour talk that is derivative of his teaching. Then just be upfront with your class. Say, I watched four hours of teaching on this from David Platt, I took careful notes, and I distilled it down into a one hour format for you. Here we go…

(SeanO) #9

@Rickrcomm Just to clear up any misunderstanding, I am not related to Josh McDowell - though I do admire him for His work in the Kingdom.

Let us know how the talk with the seniors goes - may the Lord multiply the fruit!