Overview: The 2017 Business Leaders Conference

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The 2017 Business Leaders Conference

Why does integrity matter in business? How do I build a values-based culture in a secular workplace? How do I live out my work as worship? How can I keep my balance in a rapidly-changing cultural landscape? Is it possible to share the gospel with sensitivity and effectiveness in the corporate world? Does profit matter? What does it mean to be successful in business?

With an outstanding lineup of experienced Christian business leaders and RZIM speakers, we’ll be tackling these and other areas that Christians wrestle with in the workplace: envisioning work as worship, establishing Christian values in the business world, and addressing the critical apologetic challenges that bear on the workplace today.

Ravi Zacharias spoke on how to stand against cultural opposition in his talk “Paul in Caesar’s Court,” while RZIM’s North American Director and Michigan Super Lawyer Abdu Murray shares about living in a “Culture of Confusion.”

Mo Anderson, Vice Chairman and former President and CEO of Keller Williams Realty, addresses the topic of how to successfully establish a values-based culture in business. Casey Cook, Founder and CEO of CloudControlMedia, addresses the “sacred-secular” divide by offering a biblical apologetic for “Work As Worship.”

You’ll also have the opportunity to hear from Michael Ramsden, International Director of RZIM, on how to effectively share the gospel in the workplace, as well as from several other outstanding business leaders and RZIM speakers.

Hosted by the Zacharias Institute , this conference will further enable you to live as Christ-worshippers and witnesses in the workplace.