Overview: The 2019 Understanding and Answering Islam Conference

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RZIM’s annual UAI conference brings together cutting-edge theory and practice in pursuit of understanding Islam and loving our Muslim neighbors with the grace of Christ.

At the 2019 conference, we explored the concept of freedom: how our understanding of what it means to be human impacts our understanding of freedom, how the Christian and Muslim views of freedom compare with one another, and how different views of freedom radically impact individuals and societies.

Freedom is at the heart of the Christian faith. "It is for freedom that Christ has set us free,” writes Paul, and for two thousand years Christians have rejoiced in the freedom that the gospel brings—freedom from sin; freedom to be truly human; freedom from being reduced to numbers, stamps, or indexes; freedom to not just know about God but to know God himself. In Christ we have been set free from a spirit of slavery andfear, and we have been given the right to be called sons and daughters of God. What unfathomable grace.

But Islam and the Qur’an have quite a different view. At Understanding and Answering Islam, we will deeply examine the vital distinctions between Christianity and Islam and explore how Christians can respectfully and effectively share the freedom of the gospel with both their Muslim and secular friends.

Recorded talks from the 2019 conference include messages from Abdu Murray, Stuart McAllister, Mark Durie, Peter Riddell, and Andy Bannister.

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