Overview: The 2020 Understanding and Answering Islam Conference

Jesus’ wisdom is timeless: Build your house upon the solid rock of truth (Matthew 7:24).

The house of Islam rests upon the story of the Qur’an being a perfect, Abrahamic scripture revealed to Muhammad in Mecca.

In 2020, Understanding and Answering Islam questions the security of these historical foundations. We probe critical issues like: What can we know for certain about the Qur’an’s origins? Just how reliably was it preserved? And does the message of the Qur’an really align with that of the Bible?

In these conference videos, our expert speakers provide robust and clear answers that open doors for Christians and Muslims to pursue the ultimate security found in Jesus, the true cornerstone.


Exploring the Foundations: Getting Our Stories Straight?


Livestream (individual) – $24.99
Livestream (group) – $99.99

Livestream Registration


If we register, but unable to be online for the entire time, will the event be available for download after?
Gary Rodgers

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Hi Gary, thank you for your question. You will have ongoing access to the conference videos and may stream them at any time in the future that you would like. However, we do not allow for downloads of the video content. I hope this answers your question. Please let us know if there are any others.

Thanks, if I understand your reply correctly, they will be divided into individual session videos and can be watched individually. Thanks, I will go ahead and register or is it ‘pay as you go’ when I do have the opportunity to watch?




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Hi Gary, you have an accurate understanding! The conference can be bought as a complete package. At this point, we don’t have a plan to sell the sessions on an individual basis.

Hello! My name is Grady and I am a college freshman. I have a question concerning the details of the group livestream vs the individual livestream. I am planning on meeting up with a group of friends to watch this livestream tomorrow so that we can engage with our Muslim friends on campus, but we will only be using one computer to watch the event. Should I purchase the group livestream access or the individual livestream access? Is the difference how many screen you use, or how many people actually see the video? We are far less interested in going back to review the videos later, so we don’t need multiple people to be able to do that. Thanks!

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Hi Grady, thank you for your integrity and interest in the program. For your situation, I would recommend the group livestream. I look forward to interacting with you tomorrow!

Me too. No link sent?

Hi Carson, I have signed up for livestream but cannot find where to find it. Is there a link that will take me there?

Where is the link?

Hi, you can find the livestream link here:

Hi Carson! I wasn’t sent the link for the conference. I tried the one you mentioned but it says I don’t have access to this topic. I paid and have confirmation. Is there anything else I can do? I’ve blocked off my whole Saturday in anticipation of this conference.

Julie Durr

Hi Julie, I’ve given you access.

Thanks Carson! I hope I didn’t miss too much!

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The talks will remain online for the indefinite future, so you should be able to easily catch up during the breaks! Enjoy!

I have a ticket, I heard the intro but was disconnected after 10:30. How do I connect to the Live Stream? I clicked on links and saw links on several e-mails but get the message that I do not have access. I have a account, I have a ticket but can’t view the live stream.

Sorry Jay, I’ve added you.

Hi, I missed the start and consequently most of it, I just purchased individual access. Will the whole video/ conference be uploaded here so I can watch it some other time or will I have to refund ?


Yes watch for the archived videos will show up as individual posts. Currently the morning event with Stuart is posted here:

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