Own "version" of God

(Rick Alday) #1

Hi friends,

One tough issue I have encountered while sharing the word of God with is with people who claim to have their “own version of God”. These are generally people who have read the Bible and/or had some sort of contact with a church but have not gotten very involved.
I find approaching this kind of posture more difficult than atheism.
Any advice?

(Carson Weitnauer) #2

Hi @ricklday,

I think the community would enjoy discussing this with you. Can you share some more context? Are these people friends and/or family? Co-workers? People you meet in public?

When you ask them questions to better understand what they mean, how do they explain this?

In general, I would think that what you need is not only a conversation but also a community and not only a proclamation but also a process.

That is, the level of change that you seek in their lives is one that will happen as they get involved in a church and a process of spiritual growth. For instance, a weekly Bible study.

For this reason, I think a realistic ‘next step’ for someone in this situation is to see if they would be willing to become involved in a small group environment. If so, as friendships grow tight and their experience of God’s word becomes more important to them, you will also see them coming to a place of greater understanding and desire to know God as he has revealed himself to us.