Pam Parks

(P R Parks) #1

Say hello… Hi, my name is Pam.

Where are you from? I live in Jonesboro, GA.

What led you to join Connect? I listen to Dr. Ravi pretty regularly, and his team. I want to be able to answer biblical questions as you all do, without emotional arguments. I figure this will be a great place for personal lessons, so to speak.

How do you hope to contribute? I hope I will be able to give some spiritual and biblical insights as you have given to me, learn some, share some.

(Melvin Greene) #2

Hi Pam! I’m glad you decided to join us. This is such a great community. We are all learning from each other and we look forward to learning from you. Don’t hesitate to jump in any conversation that interests you. We also hold each other up in prayer, so if you ever have a need, we would love to pray for you.

May God richly bless you as you take part in this community!

(P R Parks) #3

Thank you so much for the warm welcome. I look forward to new found relationships. God bless you.

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(Patricia Crews) #4

Welcome Pam!
I’m right next door in NC :slight_smile:

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(P R Parks) #5

Thank you. N. C. is a beautiful place. I look forward to growing in Christ with you.