Pamela Say

Say hello…
Hi everyone late to introducing myself.
Where are you from?
Tacoma Washington
What led you to join Connect?
I’m a follower of Jesus’ people
How do you hope to participate?share the truth from God,s word


Hi Pam and welcome to Connect! Glad to have you join in with fellow brothers and sisters in Christ. Paul D.


Welcome to RZIM Connect @Pamsay

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I just want to say I am glad you are here. I have grandchildren in Spokane. I just want to be sure that you mean you are a follower of Jesus, not His people because we are human & don’t always do or say the right things but He will never fail you or leave you. He is precious & so are you.


sorry, I don’t share that thought. I am replying from the torah, I’m a student of the torah.

almost everything I would be addressing would be from the torah, Im sorry if this doesn’t work here.

Hi @Pamsay,

We seek to be a welcoming and hospitable community. Our Terms of Service respectfully ask that each participant agree to our Statement of Faith. We are just not smart enough to know how to facilitate inter-religious dialogue in an online community at this point!

Would you affirm our Terms of Service?


I am very sorry if I offended you. Thank you for telling me that. I pray for the Jewish people every day. I love you because He loves you.

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Hello Pam… I’m very sure I could learn a great deal from your knowledge of the Torah and hope you can be a part of this community. Paul

Hi Pam, I’ve looked for you. We worked together at Boeing and you invited me to Casey Treats church, I considered you a good friend, so glad to find you, and to know you are still loving people and Jesus!


Hello good to hear from you. I’m a student of the Torah, messianic student.
Thanks for remembering me.

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