Paola Barrera

Hello to all, from Montreal, Canada!

I completed the core module this summer - what a gift! I loved it and felt deeply challenged by it, as I continue to navigate leaving in a post-modern city like Montreal.

I’m originally from Latin America. Raised and educated between cultures up until my early 20s, I’m also a TCK (third culture kid). More recently, now in my 40s, I became Canadian through the gift of immigration.

During my college years in the US, I became a Christian through the ministry of Intervarsity. Shortly after, I heard Ravi speak at a student conference, and I’ve loved his ministry ever since.

Life in Montreal is beautiful and challenging. It’s a very post-modern, post-Christianity kind of culture. With a high density of millennial population. Looking forward to continuing to learn and grow in my grasp of apologetics, that I may use it to better connect and share my faith with others. Excited and thankful to be here!


Welcome Paola! Blessings as we grow together.


Welcome aboard @Paola_Barrera. And this site is so fortunate to have so many Academy alum joining. I’m glad that you finished the core module. It sounds like it was a good challenge but a blessing to you. The foundations you have from that course are so important and need to be shared especially here. Thank you for coming alongside us. God-bless you and your journey.


Hello! Could you explain what a third culture kid is? I’m interested to know more as I have never heard of that before.


Being exposed to different cultures will certainly give you a diverse outlook on society. Welcome and Gid bless in your search for the TRUTH.

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Hi Joshua! Sure, that’s a great question. Simply put, a third culture kid is someone whose formative years take place outside the country of their parents and then must return there as a full-grown adult. Typically, missionary kids and expats are TCKs. You can read more about it here.

I was born in Venezuela and raised and educated between Europe and the United States. And then, in my mid-20s I returned to Venezuela, practically a foreigner. TCKs usually have a hard time with a sense of belonging and identifying home. On the other hand, we are resilient :wink:

I became a believer in the US while attending college, through the ministry of Intervarsity. Then upon my return to Venezuela, I had a hard time adjusting (it’s “normal”). I also met my husband there, and after a decade, things got more and more complicated politically and socially. By God’s grace, we eventually immigrated now in our 40s. So now besides being a TCK, I’m also an immigrant. God’s really got the whole world in His hand!

Thanks for asking, glad to connect with you here :slight_smile:


Thanks for taking the time to explain that further! Fascinating. I bet it has given you a unique perspective!

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