Participation in Interfaith Marriage Ceremony

A family member is getting married in the new year. His bride comes from the Tamil faith and the wedding ceremony is expected to include a ceremony for both faith groups but is primarily based in Tamil tradition.
How should we as Christians participate in the ceremony and traditions of another faith to show Christ’s love and grace but also not compromise our own convictions and beliefs? What pitfalls should we be aware of?

For reference consider Corinthians 10:15-33

Thanks in advance for any contributions.

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Can you explain a bit further what the Tamil Faith is? Or what Tamil tradition is? I think that would give a better perspective. If they are just traditions that don’t have much to do with idol worship I don’t think its a problem. There are different cultures for a reason and traditions hold meaning for them in their communities and families. Like some tell stories of their ancestors and what they went through while other traditions are to keep a record of family history.

It really depends on what’s actually being done and the significance behind it.


Good point. I admit I don’t have a sufficient understanding to really answer that question. I’m under the impression that Tamil may be as you suggest, a cultural distinction, but that the faith which is common among that group falls within the pantheon of Hinduism. As I have reflected on the issue since posting I see that I have more to learn. I also recognize that it’s an incredible opportunity to experience another culture and tradition. There may be elements of the ceremony that I simply observe but the opportunity to bridge cultures and show Christian love is precious. Thanks for your response Luna.


No problem, I think learning about other cultures is really something cool. If they do a practice before the ceremony like some then I would take moments in that to ask questions on the side. “what does this mean?” “What’s being expressed when this is done?” “How old is this tradition?” Are a few questions you could ask. Ultimately if you feel that from what you’ve seen or the answers you got are going to cause you feel convicted then I wouldn’t participate and if anyone asks why just humbly explain as best you can and let the bride and groom know you love and care for them still very much.

God Bless :slight_smile:


What about Romans 14:13-23?

Any insight in there you feel relevant to your situation?


Yes, I had also looked at this. Thank you for raising it. This passage seems to me too focus more intently on how our actions would affect others and their walk as well as those evaluating Christianity from the outside. Definitely worth considering while also thinking on the scripture from the original post. Thanks so much!