Pastor And believers left church


Apologies if this not right place to ask this question. But Couldn’t find where to go to discuss and seek help in biblical view. I am in situations where couple of families closest to my family were left the church based on their personal opinions on love and integrity of pastor in finances being used for own advantage.

I was having the similar opinion and I heard other people concerned about the same things too. But no evidence as such about finances. Myself praying that God will help me to find the truth in those areas in the church and of course want to get clarified those doubts. And I am continuing to the same church till anything been proven to my heart.

I want to learn few things:

  1. Pastor role in this kind of situation I mean his response towards the families left and their concerns.?
  2. What is leadership in Jesus view? is there any words from Jesus relating to this kind of situation.
  3. What should be my response/ responsibility in regards to the opinions been shared.?

Appreciate any information and Thanks in advance.



Dear Pavan,

I am so sorry for what you’re going through. It must be very difficult to see your church falling apart. But thank God for people like you with genuine love and concern for his brethren. So let me share in it by answering your questions.

  1. I am always inspired by Paul’s letter to Titus and his instructions how an elder (in this case, a Pastor) ought to conduct himself. I am not sure if your pastor is aware of what’s going on the congregation, but if he already noticed something is amiss, it would be his job to address the situation and prayerfully rectify it in God’s wisdom. He needs to meet these families that left, in private and pray with them and have a conversation with them that might lead to reconciliation.
  2. What Jesus taught about leadership is that a leader is the one who serves. We are always taught in our fellowship about servant leadership because the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve. A leader ought to maintain the same attitude, considering others above himself and humbling himself as Christ did for the sake of the ones whom he loves and serves.
  3. You, as a member of your congregation, play a vital role in all this. Your very first job is to pray without ceasing. Without God’s intervention and Spirit’s conviction, such situations will never be resolved. Please seek His wisdom and guidance. And if it possible, prayerfully consider having a conversation with your pastor. Please keep it respectful, one filled with love and grace. He still remains a God-chosen shepherd for your flock. No matter what happens, please seek forgiveness for the accused, not condemnation and judgement.

Hope I was able to help. May God who saw Hagar see your congregation too and strengthen and bind you together with chords of love that cannot be broken.



Thanks Amulya. Very helpful.