Patrice Taibi

Hi there!
This is Patrice, living now in Georgia, originally from California

I visited the institute and thoroughly enjoyed and was inspired by the gentle, logical and carefully professional manner in which Ravi communicated!

I hope to support and encourage other believers and skeptics.


Hi @Patrice_Taibi, how did you start in the apologetic, what do you like most about it, what worked for you the most when sharing the gospel?


Hi @Patrice_Taibi, it’s wonderful to have you here, welcome :slightly_smiling_face: I look forward to reading more from you as you engage here. Please feel free to share your thoughts and insight. And, we can all use support and encouragement :pray:t3: Enjoy browsing :slightly_smiling_face:


Welcome aboard @Patrice_Taibi. We are glad you have come alongside us. I have not been to the zacharius institute yet but I am looking forward to it. Do share some of the experiences that you had there if you are able. God-bless you and your journey.


Hi Kel,
Thank you kindly for your welcome. I had the great hit of attending the talk : “Where do out morals come from?” In July with my 22 year old son and at the last moment, his friend.

I had never heard Ravis’ testimony. It was quite powerful as well as the description of his family life and specifically, his father.

God’s law is here for us to receive or reject, we are free to choose. Ravis gentle, matter of fact manner, I am certain spoke loudly to the two young men with me…Hearing, “we are not free of the consequences.”

Also the expression of how the Christian worldview is the only in which REDEMPTION PRECEEDS RIGHTEOUSNESS. I had never noted this in this manner. How open to all is God’s arms despite ourselves?!

Finally, many encouragements to discipline ourselves, study and research and check ourselves. Honor family, love and pray for our enemies and be a bright light…to mention a few.

I encourage all, if you are able to do so!:pray:

Learning to lean on our Lord daily and see what he has vs worry and stress.



That is so wonderful @Patrice_Taibi. Thank you for sharing some of the experiences you had. You are certainly doing the call of a parent. Bringing your son and his friend was life changing I will bet. I do hope to get there someday for some event. I am confident that will happen at some point. Please continue to enjoy the dialog and engagement here. God-bless.


Welcome! I am relatively new to Georgia as well. The Institute is awesome! I love to visit when I can.


Really the start is when we are saved! There is nothing more effective than a new believer sharing their faith. That being said, I am convicted to share more as I am a " old " believer. I do have a new believer in my life now and it is awesome!!
Thanks for asking Farid!

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